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ADFer is a tool for reading and writing ADF disk images to and from floppy disks. Based on the source code of the excellent ADF-Blitzer, originally written by Magnus Lundin in 1998 and then updated in 2000-2001 by Andreas Etzrodt, which has been serving my needs and those of many other users faithfully since then. However, there were a few issues with the last version from 2001, so I decided to give it a long-overdue update.
ADFer 1.3
Since the last released version of ADF-Blitzer came with Blitz Basic source code, I had a look to see what was involved in updating it. Thankfully the code was quite simple - almost too simple in fact, so most of it was rewritten in a more structured way. This allowed me to make a number of changes and add features, such as:
  • Put checks in place for file and drive access so it doesn't crash when a file isn't available
  • Added a progress bar
  • Added a Cancel button
  • Improved the GUI layout slightly
  • Added a low memory mode that works track-by-track instead of loading the entire image into RAM
  • Removed requirement for fast RAM
  • Fixed ASL file requesters so they're now the proper size and the save ADF requester is now a save type
  • Added ability to select multiple ADFs for writing one after another
  • Added a verify after write option
  • Added the ability to read and write RAD: disks


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