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Current Progress

InstallerGen is a utility for creating basic installer scripts for AmigaOS. Currently there aren't any other programs that I know of which do a similar job, and I think it's something that is badly needed in the Amiga world. So many little applications are released without installer scripts, perhaps because of the assumption that all Amiga users are competent enough with their machines to install manually, or because the application is a simple "unpack-in-place" affair, or simply because the developer lacked the time, motivation or knowledge required to come up with one. I hope that InstallerGen can help to improve this situation. Even simple applications can benefit from a friendly installer which asks where to install, checks file versions and so on, all in a standard way.

Version 1.5 is now available and includes a couple of bug fixes. Check out the download page for more details.

What Does InstallerGen Do?
The aim was to enable the automatic creation of simple scripts using a GUI, by anyone with a basic knowledge of the Amiga. Normally this would be a given, as the people most likely to be needing an installer script would be developers. It wasn't intended to reach the levels of complexity that some installer scripts can, but more to provide the basic building blocks of a typical script which can be arranged and edited as required, and maybe used as a basis for a more complicated handwritten script.

The typical installer functions and features InstallerGen can use include:

  • Messages / information screens
  • Requesting paths to install to
  • Multiple choice options (checkboxes or radio buttons)
  • Requesting of text from the user
  • Copying single files or drawers, or groups of files and drawers, with and without version checking
  • Appending the S:User-startup file
  • Steps can be made conditional, only being run based on the contents of a variable, file version etc.
I'm sure more features will be added along the way, but there's plenty there for almost any application's requirements for now!

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