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Current Progress

27 October 2015
I'm currently working on a minor update to InstallerGen, which I home to be able to release in the next little while. It will include a couple of minor bugfixes, documentation updates, and localised pop-up help. It will also include a Spanish catalog and guide. Unfortunately I can't say exactly when I'll have the time to finish it, other than "soon-ish".
23 July 2015
Version 1.3 is now available to download! I was working on adding some new features which had been on the backburner, when a kinda serious bug was reported that stopped the % complete fields from working properly. So I've finished off the bits I was working on and have released it to sort that bug out. Most other features I was working on are complete, but some features are still to be added or tweaked. Anyway, this new version has enough new stuff to make it a big update in its own right. Check out the download page for the archive, and for details on the changes since version 1.0. Thanks again for all the feedback and donations!
04 July 2015
Version 1.2 is now available to download! It's mainly a bugfix release, but with some new features and streamlining too. Check out the download page for the archive, and for details on the changes since version 1.0. Thanks again for all the feedback and donations!
07 December 2014
Version 1.1 is finally here! Thanks again for all the feedback and donations, it all really means a lot to me! Check out the download page for the archive, and for details on the changes since version 1.0.
04 November 2014
Version 1.1 is nearly here! Since the initial release I've had a lot of feedback and a couple of donations (thanks to everyone for both!). This update will fix many issues with version 1.0, as well as adding new features. Changes include:
  • Locale support with French and German catalogs included
  • Variable support for paths in Version, Delete, exists and Rename step types
  • Fixed Delete, Exists steps
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Improved and fixed guide
  • Improved variables list (updates in real-time, excludes literal strings)
  • GUI updates optimised, much faster redrawing on classics
  • Fixed a couple of enforcer hits
  • Other tweaks and improvements I can't remember right now...
Stay tuned for more info!
02 September 2014
It's time for a full-fat release! InstallerGen is ready for the big bad world, so I've fixed a couple of small things, added icons and cleaned up some bits. It's available from the Download page, and from Aminet. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!
05 August 2014
It's time to release a beta version for testing in the wild! InstallerGen is pretty much ready for use with all the major features implemented and working. I've released a beta in order to get some feedback from users, but as it stands it's quite useable.

InstallerGen can be downloaded from the Download page.

24 July 2014
Wow, has it really been two years? Sorry about the lack of progress up until now folks, I got put off the project by an Amiblitz / MUI bug (not sure which really) which I couldn't resolve. But recently, after completing a couple of other projects, I've picked up the ball again and worked my way around the bug. So it's full steam ahead again! (Well, full steam still meaning trickling along...)

So, I've been making some good progress in recent days with this one. Ironed out some GUI problems and sorted out issues with adding drawers full of files to the files list. I've also started work on being able to add conditional commands based on variable contents and the likes, so people will be able to choose which catalog files to install via checkmarks, for example. Also got the base directory system working for using relative paths, and moving of files and options up and down their lists now works too.

It's getting close to the point where I might release an alpha version shortly which will allow very straightforward scripts to be made. Watch this space!

03 July 2012
After being neglected for a while, I've made a few big steps forward in InstallerGen. It now has sub windows containing the lists of files for copying, and options for the radio button and checkbox steps. It doesn't do anything with them yet, but it's getting there! Files and drawers can be added in bulk, and have their individual destinations modified or left relative to the selected base directory, and the GUI on the whole looks a lot better now that I've worked around the alignment issues. There's also a Warnings window which lists any issues identified by InstallerGen during compilation of the script. It's not foolproof, but might help to spot some silly mistakes.
16 September 2011
Got the basic shell of the application working. It can add, delete and rearrange steps, and make a dummy script with message placeholders instead of the actual steps. It can also save and load projects, and the overall usage of the program is taking shape!

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