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This is another little application I've had on the backburner for a number of years now, slowly chipping away at it when time permits. It's a manager for the assigns on your system, allowing you to view and edit assigns in real-time as well as adding and removing temporary and permanent assigns.

For anyone unfamiliar with assigns, they are a filesystem concept unique to the Amiga. Effectively they are a virtual drive, pointed at one or more locations on disk and meaning that any software can reference them without caring where they are actually located. Superficially they appear similar to assigning drive letters on Windows, but they go much deeper than that, being used right to the core of the operating system for providing shortcuts to important system directories. For example, the SYS: assign is always the drive the computer booted from, regardless of what physical drive or partition it was, and the LIBS: assign points to one or more locations on disk containing Amiga shared libraries.

What Does MyAssigns Do?
MyAssigns provides the user with a list of current assigns, along with various status flags relating to each assign and information regarding its origins. From this list, assigns can be activated or deactivated, modified, removed and so on.

MyAssigns is written for OS 3 but runs fine on OS4 and MorphOS, and automatically recognises assigns specific to these systems. Version 1.0 is now available from the downloads section.


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