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I wrote RCBackup to use as a simple tool for backing up my files to a network drive. Such applications already exist for Windows, but they either seem to be too limited, too tricky to use, or covered in advertising and what not. I have used an excellent, simple little app on my Amiga for many years which does an excellent job with no messing around, and always wondered why such a thing was so hard to find for Windows. So I wrote one!

The original Amiga application which inspired RCBackup was written by Daniel Westerberg, and it is simply called BackUp. You can go to to learn more about it. Thanks Daniel! :)

Version of RCBackup is now available! Changes include:

  • Fixed unhandled exception error when deleting a file failed (usually because it didn't exist or was marked as read only)
  • Changed delete order to delete files, then folders. This now gives the correct file count because deleting the folder doesn't take the files with it without them being counted.
  • Added info on the logfile to the readme (feature existed but wasn't documented)
  • Forced the deletion of folders that aren't empty - the contents shouldn't exist anyway in a Delete operation...

The latest version of RCBackup can be downloaded from the Download section.

RCBackup Details
RCBackup has a few options for deciding how you want it to do its job, such as:
  • Optionally creating the source folder at the destination (useful for creating the first copy)
  • Skipping the initial file scan phase for faster copying
  • Deleting files at the destination that no longer exist at the source
  • Option for copying all files or just files that have been changed
  • Option to run in "sync" mode, which runs the backup in both directions

It has been tested under Windows XP, Vista and 7, and should work fine with all versions of these systems. I haven't tried it under Windows 8 or 10, but please let me know if it works!


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