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Welcome to, my personal site for nerdy stuff. I'm currently replacing the back-end bit by bit, but hopefully this shouldn't impact the site. You can use the carefully hand-made buttons to the left to browse the main categories, and if there are sub categories, these will be listed in a column to the left of this text. See? Easy!


Downloads Section now has a dedicated downloads page where you can find all the files I currently have available. Just like a real website! Click here to go to the Downloads page.


ControllerTest is a little tool for testing controllers connected to a classic Amiga. It supports the standard digital joysticks, as well as analogue joysticks, CD32 pads and the parallel port four-player adaptor. All known button configurations for joysticks are supported. It doesn't require lowlevel.library as it reads all controllers directly from the hardware. Read more...


MyAssigns is a tool for managing the assigns on your system. It allows the user to view and edit all current assigns, as well as easily editing the startup-sequence and user-startup assigns. It supports OS3, OS4 and MorphOS specific assigns.

MyAssigns is still under development, but hopefully a beta version will be available soon! Read more...


InstallerGen is a tool for creating basic installer scripts for the AmigaOS Installer using a simple and comfortable GUI. The hope is that it will help more people release Amiga software with proper, user-friendly installer scripts, and take some of the legwork away from developers intending to write their own scripts from scratch.

Version 1.4 is now available, with many improvements and bug fixes over version 1.3, including drag and drop. Read more...


EDColourEd is a project I'm currently working on that allows the editing of the HUD colours in Elite: Dangerous, as well as the import and export of HUD configurations, the backup and restoration of both HUD config files and custom key bindings, and editing of Field of View beyond the settings possible with the in-game settings, which can be useful for people using super-large or multi-monitor setups.

I've uploaded a beta version of EDColourEd with all the main functions more or less implemented and working. Read more...


WBTicTacToe is a rewrite of a small Workbench game I wrote about 15 years ago. It takes the standard Tic-Tac-Toe concept and adds the possibility of larger boards (4x4 and 5x5 are possible), as well as 3D and 4D boards to give it a bit more *cough* depth...

Windows version now also available!


A couple of issues with the Italian catalog for SMBMounter have been pointed out - an updated version of the Italian catalog for SMBMounter 1.4 is now available in the downloads section.

Version 1.4 of SMBMounter is now available! This version includes a number of new features, including Locale support, FTP support (via FTPMount), and MUI support! Click here to read more about SMBMounter and to download the latest version.


BlitzLocale is a package that enables easy use of the AmigaOS Locale system within AmiBlitz programs, letting the program use strings from any language with an appropriate catalog file. Read more...


RCBackup is a simple application for Windows which makes it easy to copy bunches of files from one folder to another. Ideal for easily keeping a backup of your important files on an external hard drive up-to-date.

Version of RCBackup is now available for download, with some bugfixes and tweaks over the older version! Read more...


WAVRepair is a simple tool for repairing the headers of corrupt or damaged WAV files, and has recovered many otherwise unplayable files for me.

Version 1.0 of WAVRepair for Mac OS X is now available for download! Also, the Amiga version has been updated to 1.2 to fix a couple of bigs in earlier versions and to include some stuff from the Mac version. Read more...


Atoms-X is a remake of an old game called Atoms I had on the Amiga years ago. It was written by a reader of one of the Amiga magazines of the time and they gave it away on their cover disk. Something reminded me of it recently, and I had a quick search for it. It turns out there are a couple of basic clones for Linux and Android, but none for the modern Amiga. So I decided to write my own version which is fully Workbench-friendly, and to include a computer opponent, something the original never had.

Version 1.3 is now available, with more bugfixes and improvements! Read more...


New Server!! has moved to a new server. Hopefully this will mean an end (or at least a reduction to normal levels) of all the downtime we've been having recently. Please let me know though if you find anything amiss!


My MP3 Jukebox
My current project is my MP3 jukebox based on an old Amiga computer and some bits and bobs I had lying around. I've been working on it a while, and it's slow going, but it will be truly unique when it's finished! You can read more about it by clicking here...


AmiTunes is now split into two versions: The "Jukebox" version and the "Full" version. Jukebox for low-end Amigas, mainly intended as an embedded player using a MAS chip, and Full for high-end Amigas with fast processors and big screen resolutions. The Jukebox version is still under development for the MP3 jukebox above, but for the moment I'm concentrating on the Full version, as it's something that I'd really like on my AmigaOne with OS4.1! Click here to read more about it and download the latest version.